Total Lunar Eclipse Stuns Sky Gazers

total lunar eclipse

The remarkable total lunar eclipse stunned people all around the globe. The eclipse was clearly visible in most of the parts of world such as Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the sun and moon. It blocks all the sunlight that illuminates the moon. Generally, eclipses do not follow any specify order. After every decade, four total lunar eclipses take place in a row. It is known as Lunar Tetrad.

This was the third lunar eclipse of lunar Tetrad. As per the predictions of astronomers, fourth lunar eclipse will probably occur in September.

The lunar eclipse was observable for a brief period in the United States. It lasted for only four minutes and 30 seconds. However, it gave an incredible and unexplainable joy to sky watchers.

Bob Berman, an astronomer at Slooh Community Observatory called it “weirdest” total lunar eclipse of the century.

Numerous organizations broadcasted the event live on the websites. Slooh Community Observatory and Marshall Space Flight Center of NASA showed views from the Griffith Observatory.

Laura Austin of Ontario states that the lunar eclipse was wonderful. It painted the sky with blood red color.

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