Apple Watch Launch Will be Totally Different from iPhone Ones

Apple Watch

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s sales chief, is trying hard to change the traditional way of launching a product. She has come up with a new idea in which customers do not have to wait in long queues.

Recently, she has given instructions to Apple employees regarding the new method. She asked them to encourage customers to purchase Apple watch online rather than from Apple stores. The pre-order of Apple Watch is expected to start from Friday.

The memo is pretty interesting as it proposes that Apple stores enjoy long lines of customers. However, it would not happen this time. It states that the move will bring a remarkable change in mindset of Apple fans.

The launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus failed to meet up the expectations of customers. Majority of the customers were unable to get the device till the end of December. Potential buyers were badly disappointed when they visited the Apple stores. Both the variants of iPhones went out of stock in stores as well.

It appears as if high officials have learned from the mistakes. They believe that the best way to give a smooth launch of the device is to order it online.

However, a few analysts consider that shortage of phones increases the publicity of the device.

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