Experts Claim: HIV Spreads Like a Computer Virus


A recent research from University College London proposes that HIV spreads in body like a virus infect computer.

The team of researchers worked together with experts on network security. They designed a new model to study the growth of HIV in body. Afterwards, they accumulated data from 17 HIV patients to determine the performance of model. The model accurately predicted the progression of HIV in blood.

Additionally, the model showed that the deadly virus infects the body in two ways. It spreads around the body either through blood stream or through cells.

CD4+ T plays a vital role in the immune system of the body. It increases the efficiency of immune system to fight against fatal diseases.

As per the latest guidelines of World Health organization, doctors can only begin the treat of HIV disease at a particular stage. A specific level of T-cells is essential to start HIV treatment.

Nevertheless, the newly created model rebuffs the previous misconceptions. It reveals that treatment should begin shortly after the disease is diagnoses.

Benny Chain, a professor at UCL infection and Immunity, explained the model in detail. He informs that number of HIV cells is always comparatively low. The model reveals that HIV spread through the bloodstream cannot lead to AIDS.

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