Giant Galapagos Tortoise Has Developed Taste For Non-Native Plants.

Galapagos tortoise eating habits

Galapagos tortoise has started eating invasive plants that provide nutritional boosts to them.

Galapagos is the oldest and largest tortoise species in the world.  It is about five feet in length and weighs around 550 pounds. It mostly lives in South Pacific regions. Since last several years, the specie has been listed as endangered species. Sadly, humans are the ones who have increased chances of extinctions for Galapagos.

Recently, researchers found that that turtles are trying hard to survive on the plant. Experts attached GPS devices to tortoises on Santa Cuz. The region is an extinct volcano that is extremely populated with humans. Farmers have covered a large part of the island with farms and fields. Native species of plants are only present in approximately 14 percent of the plant.

The primary objective of the researchers was to observe the habits of tortoise. Surprisingly, they noticed that the animals moved in between meadows that provide food throughout the year. In addition, they also live in lowland where food grew only in wet seasons.

The behavior was pretty astonishing for the experts. The tortoise can simply wait out the dry season instead of moving from one land to the other.

Thus, researchers followed the creature for a long time period of four years. They closely watched and noted every movement of these animals. At last, they discovered that the tortoise have begun to eat crops to survive on Earth.

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