NASA’s Space Missions Found Massive Amount of Water in Solar System

NASA missions

NASA’s space missions have been exploring solar system for livable worlds.

Ellen Stofan, chief scientists for the agency, talked about these planets at public panel. She states that NASA manned and unmanned mission offered significant details regarding the watery worlds. These findings encouraged scientists to carry on their investigation for other worlds as well.

Researchers believe that water is the best thing to look for in any planet. It is one of the basic ingredients of life. It also connects one world with the other in an astonishing manner.

Recently, the US space agency has released a report over the worlds that contain water. All these worlds belong to our solar system. The overview shows that water, oxygen and hydrogen are some of the most abundant chemicals in the universe

Additionally, the government space agency named nine extraterrestrial bodies that contain essential elements of life.  Thus Far, scientists have discovered ice, vapor, ground water and oceans on these plants.

Earlier, a few researches proposed that a comet or a massive wet asteroid had delivered water to Earth. But recently published outline rebuffs all the previous misconceptions of researchers. It states that the water present in comet is completely different from our water.

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