Special Delivery: Astronauts Send 3-D Printed Objects Back to NASA.

Special delivery from space

Space agencies frequently send packages to the International Space Station. However, this time scientists tried an entirely new thing.

Recently, NASA researchers received a shipment of 3D-printer tools from ISS. The printer was installed to print tools with a simple click. The astronauts at ISS have been using the 3-D printer since last several months. Now, they have returned the printed parts back on Earth. NASA’s scientists will closely examine the quality and performance of the printed pieces. They will also compare the space-printed parts with the ones printed on Earth.

Quincy Bean, head of the printer project at NASA, was the lucky one who opens the special delivery. The parts were sent back on Earth in the month of February.

Bean only showed a few things from the box such as a complete ratchet. It was designed on Earth in the month of November. Afterwards, it was sent to International Space Station as a sample.

Earlier, NASA researchers printed a spare part of the printer itself. Up till now, it has created numerous small tools for astronauts. The printer will remove the requirement of rockets to send things to ISS.

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