Thousands of Invasive Goldfishes Threaten Ecosystem

Gold fishes in lakes

Colorado Department of Parks and Wildfire revealed that a lake in Boulder County is over populated with gold fish. Presently, there are more than 4,000 goldfishes present in the lake.

Kristin Cannon, a researcher at Colorado Department of Parks and Wildfire, lay out the issue. She notifies that presence of goldfish is extremely dangerous for the local aquatic system. It is requested to public not to put their pet fish in the lake. It is unlawful and unethical as well.

The high officials of the department are planning to take the fish out of the lake. The goldfishes have become a big rival of native fish species. They can spread numerous fatal diseases to local fishes.

Jennifer Churchill, a spokesperson of the Department of Parks and Wildfire, informed about department’s strategies. She states that the agency has not yet decided how to get rid of these fishes. There are chances that the goldfishes will be drained. They department will use electric current to give shock to the fishes. Afterwards, it will gather the fishes and take them to a rehabilitation center

Several other fishes are present in the same lake such as Bluegills, channel catfish and tiger muskies. However, these fishes do not pose any threat to the existence of native ones.

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