Study Finds: Popular Dietary Supplements Contain a Deadly Compound

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A recent research reveals that majority of the dietary supplements contain an amphetamine like compound.

The compound, known as BMPEA, found in products that contain Acacia Rigidula. These supplements usually guarantee to increase energy level and help in weight loss.  The drugs are pretty dangerous for human beings.

BMPEA has shown to increase heart rates and blood pressures in animals. However, it has not yet tested on human beings.  The World-Anti Doping Agency has categorized it as doping agent.

In 2013, US Food Drug and Administration has already identified the compound in 24 supplements. However, it failed to warn customers or order its removal. Hence, all these pills and supplements are still present on the shelves of stores.

JuliAnn Putman, a FDA spokesperson, discussed the issue in detail. She informs that the main concern of the agency is to make certain the safety of dietary supplements. Thus far, the US agency has not identified any particular safety concerns. The agency will definitely take strong measures if any risks surfaced.

Numerous manufacturers, such as Arco Black Series Burn, voluntarily pulled out their drugs from the market

Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, openly criticizes FDA. He says that the health agency should issue a warning regarding BMPEA. Additionally, doctors should immediately stop recommending these weight-loss supplements.

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