508 Million-Year- Old Lobster Like Specie Uncovered

fossil of lobster

A group of paleontologists at the University of Toronto uncovered a 508 million years old marine creature. The specie, dubbed as Yawunik Kootenayi, is relative of butterflies, lobsters and spiders.

As per the research, the creature used to live in Canada even before the emergence of dinosaurs.

Cedric Aria, lead author of the research, discussed the new discovery in detail. He states that the newly identified creature offers significant information regarding the anatomy and predatory habits of the ancient arthropods. It contains basic characteristics of an arthropod such as external skeleton and divided physique.

However, it also lacks some prominent features of the specie. It does not have additional appendages in the head. Generally, these appendages are utilized to process food. They are considered as fundamental features of insects and crustaceans.

The fossil of the specie is unearthed from the Canadian Burges Shale fossil deposit.  It unveils that the animal used to move its frontal appendages forward and backward. While swimming, it completely pulls in back the appendages in its body.

The long extendable flagellum of the creature plays an integral part in versatility of the arthropod.

Additionally, researchers claim that Yawunik played an essential role in the ancient ecosystem. The name was give after the regional mythological marine creature “Yawunik”.

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