Great Cannon: China’s Powerful New Tool That Attacks International Sites

Great Cannon China

Recently, China has improved their website-blocking system on its borders.

The system, known as The Great Cannon, allows China to attack sites of other countries.  The primary aim of the government is to suppress prominent sites through it. It can effortlessly install malicious software in international websites.

The Great cannon is completely opposite to the Great Firewall. The Great Firewall attacks local sites of China for censoring purposes. However, it does not work as a barrier for Chinese websites. It only keeps a close eye on the local and international banned content. It instantly sends TCP reset packets to sites that disobey censorship regulations. The packet blocks the sender and receiver of communication at once.

In comparison, the Great cannon only monitors traffic of particular IP addresses. It carefully examines every packet send through these IP addresses. In addition, the tool redirects all the data to a specific site.

Earlier, researchers from different Universities suspected that China is disrupting web traffic of Middle Kingdom.

As per the latest report from Citizen Lab, the leak regarding the Great Cannon clears all the previous doubts of cyber experts. It confirms that China hacked Github websites that helped users in avoiding Chinese censor.

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