Latest Study Sheds Light on Complex Birthing Process of Mosasaurs

marine reptile

Recently, researchers have figured out the birthing process of “Mosasaurs”.

Mosasaurs were huge, serpentine carnivorous reptile. They were pretty similar to snake and monitor lizards.  They were incredible swimmers that had adapted to living in shallow seas. Fish, mollusks, turtles and shellfish were the main source of food for the marine reptile. They bite these hard-shell animals to get the soft meat present inside their shell.

Experts from University of Toronto worked together with researchers of Yale University.  The main aim of the study was to observe the breeding and birth process of the lizards. They closely analyzed recently uncovered fossils of mosasaurs. The remnants were carefully preserved at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. Earlier, scientists thought that these fossils belong to ancient marine birds.

In the end of the study, researchers concluded that the marine creature lived nearly 65 million years ago.

Daniel Field, the main author of the study, talked about the marine dinosaurs. He informs that mosasaurs are one of the best-studied groups among Mesozoic vertebrates. However, scientists were unaware about the ecology of baby mosasaurs.

Moreover, the study indicates that new born mosasaurs prefer to be lived in oceanic environment.

Aaron LeBlanc, the co-author of the study, describes baby mosasaurs in detail. He states that the discovery indicates that mosasurs lay eggs on beaches instead of land.

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