New Species of Giant “Terror Bird” Uncovered in South America

terror burd

Recently, a group of researchers uncovered fossils of a new species of extinct “terror bird”. The bird lived nearly 2.5 million years ago in South America.

The bird, dubbed ad Llallawavis scagliai, was a carnivorous flightless bird that can fly as tall as 10 feet. It was considered as the top predator of the Cenozoic Age.

In 2013, researchers from Centro de Investogaciones en Ciencias de la Tierra discovered a fully intact terror bird fossil. Thus far, it is the most comprehensive terror bird skeleton discovered. The breakthrough gave significant details regarding various types of the bird

This is the first time when scientists have rebuild and CT scan the inner ear structure of the bird. The analysis indicates that the bird used to produce sounds similar to ostrich.

Federico Dino Degrange, main author of the study, discussed the fossil analysis in detail. He informs that the mean hearing of the terror bird is relatively low than ordinary birds. It shows that the bird contain a narrow, low vocalization frequency range.  It helps the creature in the process of prey detection and acoustic communication.

As per the paper printed in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, the discovery sheds light on the anatomy of the bird such as voice box, trachea and bones.

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