NOAA Study Resolves Mystery of “Lost” Sea Turtles

sea turtle disappearence

A recent study rebuffs all the previous misconception related to the swimming pattern of sea turtle. It reveals that young sea turtles strive to swim in specific directions.

Several years ago, young sea turtles suddenly disappeared from oceans. The marine creature re-appeared after a long time period. Researchers tried really hard to figure out the reason behind it. Initially, they assumed that sea turtle drifted with ocean currents. However, a latest study from NOAA shows that young turtles are incredible swimmers. Hence, they cannot float with the current.

Experts from NOAA collaborate with researchers of University of Central Florida for the study. They attached specially designed solar-powered tags on 44 young turtles. These wild, young turtles were followed for a short time period. In the end, the movements of these turtles were matched up with the floating buoys.

Astonishing, researchers discovered that the sea turtles are active swimmers instead of passive drifters. Due to swimming, turtles can easily avoid unfavorable ocean conditions.

Dr.Kate Mansfield, lead author of the research, discussed the study in detail. She notifies that this is the first time when any study tested the “passive-drifter” hypothesis. The primary objective of the study was to completely understand the behavior of turtles.

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