Study Says: Pluck Your Hair Out to Get Thicker Hair

plucking hair and bladness

A new study proposes that plucking hair is a good way to fight against baldness.

Cheng-Ming Chuong, a researcher from University of Southern California carried out an experiment on mice. He along with his colleagues plucked nearly 200 hairs present on a mouse’s back.  Initially, the team kept the medium density of circle around 5 mm in diameter. Sadly, not any one of the 200 hair grew back. In the second phase, researchers plucked hair from 5mm space. Astonishingly, more than one thousand hairs replaced the 200 plucked one.

The study printed in Journal Cell says that selective plucking hair can lead to re-growth of think hair. The trauma of plucked hair triggers an immune response in a specific group of cells. These cells are mainly responsible for hair growth

It is a good example of how basic research can lead to work with potential translational value, says Chuong.

However, researchers are not sure whether the process will show similar results on humans or not. Hence, further study is needed in order to determine the effectiveness of the hypothesis on humans.

Chris Mason, professor of regenerative medicine at University College London, remarks that it is an extremely useful piece of research. The notion of quorum sensing is smart.

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