NASA Set to Resolve Methane “Hot Spot” Mystery of Four Corners

Four Corners Mystery

Last year, the European Space Satellite has discovered a giant mass of methane near Southwestern United States.

The close analysis of the region showed that it is the largest concentration of the greenhouse gas in the country. It traps a massive amount of methane in the atmosphere.  However, methane usually does not stay in the atmosphere for a long time period.

Currently, scientists from numerous different universities such as the University of Michigan are trying to determine the source of methane. The team has decided to use special two airplanes of NASA for this purpose: The Hyper spectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES) and the Next generation Airborne.  The planes will carry scientists and instruments that can identify methane. Scientists will analyze the air and ground conditions to figure out the dangers of methane.

Christian Frankenberg, a scientists at NASA’ Jet Propulsion Laboratory, remarks that the mission is expected to reveal significant details regarding the matter. All the ground- based and airborne resource will resolve the mystery of Four Corner.

Presently, the European Space satellite is no longer in use. Hence, Japan’s GOSAT satellite will perform the tasks of European satellite in the project. It will focus on the region where the four states meet: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. The place is commonly known as Four Corner region.

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