Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.4 for Developers with Improved Music App

Music service in iOS 8.4

Apple rolls out a new version of iOS for developers: iOS 8.4. The news is certainly surprising for everyone as five days ago Apple released iOS 8.3.

The Cupertino based firm released the first beta with a revamped music service. The company has redesigned the user interface for the player and the screen as well. The update music app will come with numerous new and exciting features such as new miniiplayer, streamlined iTunes radio, recently added, and global search.

The music service in iOS 8.4 comes with an entirely new design. It brings a personalized playlist and high resolution pictures of artists. It will allow users to add favorite images and description of the artists.  Additionally, users can play their favorite songs with only click on the album list.

The feature of iTune radio enable users to retune to their favorite station from Recently played. The option makes music much easier than before.

As far as “Up Next” is concerned, it will let users skip few songs. They can rearrange the tracks according to their choice.

The “Global search” is the most noteworthy feature of iOS 8.4 music service. It will allow iPhone users to search anywhere from the Music App.

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