Doctors Celebrate 60th Anniversary of John Salk’s Polio Vaccine

Aniversary of Polio vaccine

April 12th is celebrated as the anniversary of Polio vaccine.

Polio is a deadly infectious disease. Up till now, medical experts have failed to find treatment or cure for the disease. However, there are several vaccines that can protect children and avert the spread of the disease. Doctors believe that the only way to get rid of polio is to vaccinate children. There will be a time when the entire world would be free of polio.

John Salk was the first one to develop and create polio vaccine. He carried out the first successful trial of the clinical vaccine. More than 1.8 million people were involved in the trial of polio vaccine.  The huge number of participants made it the largest clinical trial of the history.  Around 80 million people donated money to entirely eradicate the diseases.

In 1995, the vaccine was declared as safe and effective to fight against polio. The discovery opens new windows in the field of medicines. People began to consider Salk as a super-hero who saved thousands of lives. Before the vaccine, dozens of children were crippled because of the diseases.

David Oshinsky, director of the Division of Medical Center, recalled the moment when first polio vaccine was developed.  He states that people came out on the streets to celebrate the moment. They were happily hugging and wishing each other as if it was any festival.

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