Eating Out Frequently Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure measuring studio shot

A startling study reveals strong connection between eating out and high blood pressure.

Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, silently damages body for years before it shows symptoms.  It is a major risk factor of numerous fatal diseases such as enlarged left heart, artery damage, heart failure, kidney failure, dementia, stroke and mild cognitive impairment.  Key alterations in life style are the only way to fight against high blood pressure.

As per the latest report of Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around two million children and 70 million adults suffer from hypertension.

Earlier, a research from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore reveals that eating out is linked to high intake of calories. The amount of saturated fat and salt increase blood flow in body.

Recently, health researchers carefully analyzed eating habits of 500 university students. All the participants were between the ages of 18 to 40 years. The survey included body mass index (BMI), lifestyle and level of physical activities of researchers

Astonishingly, researchers found that students with hypertension eat out more frequently. They have higher BMI and low level of physical activity.

Notably, researchers also observed that eating out once in a week ascends up the risk of pre-hypertension up to 6 percent.

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