Four Years Old Child Uncovers 100 Million Years Old Dinosaur Fossils

four years old boy discovered fossil of dinosaur

Wylie Brys, a four years old son of a zoo keeper, uncovered one hundred million years old fossils of a dinosaur.

Last year, Wylie discovered the fossil when he was digging for bones of marine animals. The report surfaces late as researchers were excavating the remnants.  The entire process of excavation occurred in the last two weeks.

Researchers from South Methodist University closely analyzed the fossil. Afterwards, they confirmed that these remains belong to the family of nodosauridae.

Dale Winkler, a paleontologist at South Methodist University, discussed the discovery. He reported that scientists were not expecting something so huge.  It seems like the bones of the ancient dinosaurs had been spread around. Every bone was linked to other pieces of bones

Later on, the team of paleontologists from the Dallas Paleontologists Society started digging the area on 3rd April. Surprisingly, they unearthed a few more fossils of the dinosaurs.

Brys has become one of the young scientists who made significant discovery. In 2014, a ten years old kid discovered an ordinary arrowhead from a Beach. However, researchers from the Archeological Society of New Jersey spotted in as a ten thousand years old Native American artifact. Even though Cordle was the owner of the arrow point, he decided to donate it to a museum.

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