IBM, Apple Teams Up for New Health Unit: Watson Health Cloud

Watson Health program

IBM is set to connect all the computers that contain medical records.

The new Watson Heath project of IBM intends to collect health information. The IT firm will take help from numerous electronic device manufacturers such as Apple.  The primary objective behind the move is to offer considerable health data to health firms.  Afterwards, the companies will use information for their products.

John Kelly, Senior Vice President of IBM Research Center talked about the matter. He informs that the company is trying to entirely revamp the health industry.

IBM has planned to build a new headquarter for its Watson Health project. The IT firm intends to hire more than two thousands employees and 74 medical experts for this purpose.

Furthermore, a leak surfaced that IBM has acquired two health technology companies: Phytel and Explorys.

The Explorys has more than 50 million medical records of Americans. In comparison, the Phytel offers feedback to doctors and patients. Both the companies will help IBM in the Watson Health program.

Recently, IBM has also asked Apple to provide health information from Apple devices. Apple store health data of customers through Health Kit and ReserachKit. The firm will gather Apple’ health information for the health business.

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