Maine Police Officials Pay Ransom to Regain Computer Access

Police pays ransom to hackers

For the first time, Maine police official had to pay ransom to hackers to get their records back.

It surely sounds weird, but the police had no other choice than paying money. Recently, the entire computer system of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office and Houlton Police Department were hacked.  Cyber criminals installed a malware, dubbed as ransomware, in all the computers.  The malware instantly blocked the system that contains police records.  The malicious software warned police officers that the only way to regain access is to pay considerable amount.

The only method to fight against ransomware is to fully wipe the hard disk. Sadly, IT specialists of police department were unable to carry it out because of a software failure.

Police officers believe that the malware attacked when someone from the police clicked on a link.  The link immediately installed malware that infected the main server in few seconds.

For a week, police tried really hard to restore the encrypted files but in vain. Eventually, they had to pay around $300 in ransom to hackers for this purpose.

Sheriff Todd Brackett said that IT guys and Burgees failed to get back the records. Hence, paying ransom was the only way to get important reports back.

After the payment, The Federal Bureau of Investigation struggled to track the payment. They discovered that the money was transferred into a Swiss bank account.

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