Powerful Methane Storm May Offer Clues About Mysterious Dunes on Titan

msasive dunes on Titan

Researchers believe that powerful methane storm may shed light on the strange dunes present on Titan.

Titan is regarded as the largest moon of Saturn. Thick, golden haze is present all around the moon. However, the mist can only be viewed through special kind of telescopes. Mysterious flowing liquid and dense atmosphere is the main attraction of the moon.

Around eleven years ago, NASA’ Cassini spacecraft began to probe Titan. Numerous mysteries surfaced during the exploration of the Saturn’s largest moon. The massive violent dunes were one of these mysteries as it covers nearly 15 percent of the planet.  These dunes are composed of hydrogen and carbon.  Generally, these giant dunes are 31 miles long and 330 feet high.

Previously, a few studies reveal that Winds of Titan blow westward at altitudes of 3 miles. In comparison, these dunes mostly grow eastwards. Hence, scientists were completely baffled how these dunes formed in the opposite direction.

Recently, experts discovered that unusual methane storm will resolve the mystery of dunes.

Benjamin Charny, a planetary scientist at the Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory, discussed the new discovery. He informs that scientists rarely observe storm on Titan. Thus, researchers can never think of them as the factor behind massive dunes.

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