Scientists Create First Detailed Map of Dark Matter.

dark matter map

Dark energy survey has designed a comprehensive map of dark matter discovered in cosmos.  The map will uncover the role of dark matter in the formation of galaxies.

Dark matter is an imaginary matter that cannot be viewed through telescopes. However, it is responsible for  80 percent of the matter present in the universe. A team of scientist believes that dark matter exists merely because of the galactic structure of the universe. Hence, it is impossible to explain dark matter without galactic structures.

Dark Survey is an international group effort to identify dark matter all around the universe.  More than 300 scientists from six different countries are members of the group.

It is the first map in the series of dark matter maps of the space.  Scientists have designed these maps with 570 mega pixel Dark Energy Camera. It is considered as the world’s most powerful digital camera. This is the first time when such kind of detailed map has created. It will definitely shed light on the formation of galaxies.

Sarah Birdle, an astrophysicist at the University of Manchester, explained the aim of the project.  She informs that primary objective is to view dark matter through maps.  To create maps that reveal locations packed with dark matter.

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