Study Finds: Heart Attack Risks Increase After Divorce, Especially in Women

divorce and health issues

A startling US study sheds light on the health benefits of staying married. It proposes that people who experience divorce are at high risk of heart attacks than married ones.

Earlier, a few studies showed that divorcee face more from health related issues than other. They suffer from severe depression, hypertension, and stress.

Recently, a team of researchers from the Duke University observed nearly 16,000 Americans.  The included US adults were between ages of 45 to 65. All of them were married at least once when the study started. Researchers followed them for a long time period of eighteen years.

Astoundingly, the outcome of the analysis demonstrates divorcees are higher at risk of heart attacks. Divorcee women are 24 percent more likely to have heart strokes than ordinary ones. The ratio is similar for women who remarried at some point in their lives. In comparison, the chances of heart attacks descend in men if they remarry.

Prof Lind, one of the researchers of the study, states that the health problems in divorcee men are less as compared to women.

However, health experts are still unaware of the exact reason behind it. A few researchers believe that major changes in life style are the cause of it. The situations such as loss of income and emotional distress directly affect immune system.

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