Researchers Encounter Sperm Whale Through ROV

sperm whale caught in ROV

A team of undersea explorer got a chance to interact with a sperm whale. The rare sperm whale came for nearly four and a half minutes to the ROV of Nautilus

Sperm whales are a toothed whale that mostly lives in pods.  The brain of sperm whales is its most noteworthy feature. It contains a brain of about 20 pounds (9 Kg). The male sperm whales are relatively larger in size than female. They are usually 50-60 feet long. In comparison, the average height of female sperm whale is 30-40 feet.

Researchers had to change the settings of remote-controlled submersible to get perfect view of the whale. The massive animal was so close to the ROV that researchers can even identify scratches on its head.  It was certainly very astonishing and remarkable view for the crew members.

The Nautilus begins the six month long mission on 9th of April. The crew will carefully study Pacific Ocean and impact of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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