Space X fails to Balance Falcon 9 Landing at Barge

Falcon 9 rocket landing

Space X successfully lifted off Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station. The cargo-laden unmanned spacecraft was carrying numerous food items and equipments.

The mission scientists at Space X planned to land the booster at sea. Unfortunately, the booster failed to show successful landing at the sea. Such kind of landing is an extremely difficult task to carry out.

Recently, Space X has released a landing video of Falcon 9 rocket. The video is captured far away from the landing place. Thus, it was difficult to examine the 43 meters long rocket through the video. Researchers used Tracker video analysis for this purpose. The tracker video clearly showed the bottom of the booster.

It revealed that rocket landed with a pretty constant velocity of 89mph. It is indeed a fast velocity.

Researchers also observed that rocket landed with tilted angle instead of slant. Additionally, the analysis of the video reveals that rocket landed with a zero degree deflection.

It is the third time when Space X tried to land recycle rocket. However, the CEO of the firm is still pretty optimistic. He believes that one day he would be able to successfully accomplish his plans.

The previous attempt to land rocket failed due to bad weather conditions.

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