Study Finds: Heavy Snoring Associated to Early Cognitive Decline


A startling medical research shows that heavy snoring and sleep apnea is linked to memory and thinking issues.

According to a latest report, more than 40 percent adult snore while sleeping. The ratio is relatively higher in man as compared to women. It is surely a really annoying thing for bed partners of the person who snore.

Dr. Ricardo Osorio, a researcher at the NYU Lagone Medical Center, along with his colleagues carried out the study. The chief objective of the study was to determine the relation of sleep related issues with cognitive decline.

The team carefully looked at medical records of nearly 2,470 Americans. The age of the people involved in the study was between 55 to 90. The participants were divided into two different groups on the basis of Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment.

Afterwards, the gathered data was compared with people without any sleep-breathing issue.

The outcome of the analysis reveals that people with sleep-breathing problems are likely to develop MCI at the age of 77. In comparison, people without any such sleep issues were diagnose MCI at the age of 90.

It is like sleep disorders is an early sign of brain related issue, says Osorio.

Furthermore, researchers observed that sleep-breathing issues increases the risks of Alzheimer.

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