Study Reveals How Octopus Control Its Arm For Locomotion

crawling of octopuses

Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have filmed crawling octopuses. The main purpose was to observe the movement of octopuses’ flexible arms.

Dr. Guy Levy, one of the lead researchers of the study, remarks that the research will open new door in the arena of science. It will help scientists in designing soft robots for medical purposes and rescue operations.

During the study, researchers noticed that octopus can effortlessly crawl in several directions. It signifies that the huge sea creature do not have to turn its body to change direction.

Binyamin Hochner, a researcher at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, explained the movements in detail. He informs that there is a single locomotion strategy of octopus that is different from other animals.  The soft molluscan body of octopus plays an integral part in its movement.

Additionally, researchers found that the octopus do not follow any clear rhythmical pattern for limb coordination.  The animal separately controls each and every crawling direction of octopus.

This is the first time when researchers examined carefully how octopus moves without any rigid skeleton. Earlier, a group of experts only analyzed arm movements of the octopus. . They focused mainly on the way octopus fetch food and put in the mouth.

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