Google Let You Download Your Entire Search History

Google let you download your searh history

Want to see what you were searching two years ago?

Google rolls out a new tool that allows users to download entire search history. It will only take few minutes to print out the entire search history.

Earlier, users were able to view search history of one month. However, the new feature will enable them to download archive of the history. It can be easily stored anywhere on the computer.

The biggest search giant has also issued a warning along with the feature. The warning states that user cannot download history on public computers.  They should read country’s law if they intend to travel with the search copy.

In order to download the history, users have to go to Google Account History. Afterwards, tap on gear icon and choose download. The computer will instantly save into Google Drive.

Initially, the tool surfaced in an unofficial Google blog known as Google blog.

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