Scientists Solve Mystery Related to Long Life Span of Vampire Squid

Vampire Squid

A latest study resolve the mystery related to the long life of vampire squid. It proposes that these cephalopod lives a long life due to their unique reproductive habits.

The vampire squid belongs to a separate order of cephalopods known as vampyromorphida.   People usually think that they are named vampire squid due to fests on blood. However, the big red eye of the sea creature is the reason behind their name.

The sea organism usually lives in harsh deep sea environment. They live life comparatively at a slow speed than other creatures. They only drift with the sea current even at 3,000 meters deep sea. Low calorie food such as detritus and zooplankton are the only means of oxygen for them.

Henk-Jan Hoving, a researcher from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research, discusses the vampire quid in detail. He informs that researchers are not fully aware of the life-cycle of deep sea creatures. The usual pattern of shallow water organism is pretty different from the deep-sea species.

Researchers were examining the vampire squid collections at the Santa Babara Museum. During the study, they observed that number of female vampire squid had spawned. However, they were still capable of producing eggs.

The outcome of the study reveals that normal squids lay eggs once in their lifetime. In comparison, the vampire squid has the ability to reproduce more than 100 times.

Additionally, researchers noted that the low energy lifestyle is the major factor behind their unusual reproductive strategy.

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