MIT Invent an Innovative Device That Can Detect Single Electron

MIT scientists inevnt a new detector

Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that can identify a single electron.

The newly built device will enable scientists to make accurate calculations. Though the device, more than 100,000 electrons can be studied in only milliseconds.

The experiment, known as Project 8, is entirely based on cyclotron radiation. In this process, the charged particle use radioactive Krypton gas released by electrons. Afterwards, the electrons are captured in a special magnetic container. In that bottle, the radio antenna of detector can easily observe even a slight signal of electrons.

Professor Jeo Formaggio, a professor of physics at MIT, explains the process. He informs that scientists can actually image the frequency of the electron. They can effortlessly observe electrons that pop into radio antenna.

Physicists took nearly five years to design and develop the innovative device. Initially, researchers carried out an experiment on electrons. Later on, they used the device with tritium to determine the mass of neutrinos.

Neutrinos are considered as the most complex particle.  Instead of interacting with the matter, they only pass through it. Their unique pattern makes s it more difficult for scientists to detect them. Up till now, scientists have failed to measure the precise mass of a neutrino.

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