Twitter Launches “Quality Filter” That Automatically Identify Abusive Tweets

Twitter New Tool for Abusive Content

Today, Twitter has made major changes in its policy to handle violence and threats.

The social networking site has rolled out a new anti-abusive tool that automatically identifies abusive tweets. Instead of deleting, the new feature will hide tweets from their intended target.

Additionally, the firm has also updated its violent threat policy. The company has restricted certain kinds of threatening tweets. The new policy clearly states that strict measures will be taken against users who perform such actions. Their accounts will be immediately suspended or blocked.

Vijaye Gadde, head of Twitter General Counsel, discussed the issue in detail. He believes that the company should do more to avert the use of abusive language of its site. Users can surely express or share their views, but in a good manner.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a common means of abusive talk. Since last several years, high officials of Twitter have been trying to cease abusive tweets.

Thus far, numerous public figures have faced serious problems due to abusive content. In 2013, a freelance journalist and feminist reported that she was receiving rape threats

Shortly after the incident, the firm launched a new feature through which users can report abusive content but in vain.

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