WhatsApp Rolls out Voice-Calling Feature for iOS Users

voice-calling option of Whatsapp

iPhone owners can now avail the voice-calling service of WhatsApp. The firm has already rolled out the tool for Android users.

The new feature permits users to call their contacts all around the globe. It will certainly affect the calling packages of telecommunication companies.

Wi-Fi connection is the only thing that is needed to make a call through WhatsApp.

Voice-Calling feature is surely not a big thing for a Facebook-owned company. However, it clearly indicates the main objective of the firm.

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the chief priority of the company is to offer all-in one communication platform. The move will double the number of monthly active customers of Facebook. Currently, there are more than 800 million active users of Whatsapp

In the end of January, Whatsapp announced that it had 700 million monthly active users.  After only four months, the firm reported that 100 million users have joined Whatsapp.  Analysts believe that Whatsapp calling feature is the reason behind sudden growth of Whatsapp.

It appears as if the rivals of Whatsapp have to struggle really hard now. Presently, WeChat has only 500 million monthly active users.

The newly launched feature will also allow users to share two videos simultaneously on WhatsApp.

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