Field Study Finds: Popular Pesticides Extremely Injurious for Wild Bees

Wild bees and pesticides

Majority of the popular pesticides are harming wild bees, according to a new field study

A team of U.S researchers carried out two different studies on pesticides. In the first study, they carefully analyzed the harmful effect of common pesticide. However, the second study was based on the changes in the eating habits of wild bees.

The outcome of the first study shows that pesticides are more harmful for wild bees than bumblebees. It directly affects the growth of wild bees. It radically cut the reproduction speed of the bees.

Nevertheless, the second study indicates that pesticides attract bees as a result of which problem is getting worse

Maj Rundlof, a researcher at the Lund University, discussed the issue in detail. He reported that regions sprayed with pesticide contain double number of bees than the non-treated area. In pesticide patches wild bees were unable to gain weight.

Previously, a few studies demonstrated that mostly pesticides are injurious for wild bees. However, this is the first time when any research on insecticide will change the way people think about pesticide.

Environmental activist is currently using the study to ban all kind of pesticide.

Lori Ann Burd, environmental health director at the Center for Biology Diversity, describe the aim. She states federal agencies should take serious action again such chemicals.

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