A 5.5 Inch Long Pocket Shark Discovered From Gulf of Mexico

pocket shark

What comes into your mind first when you heard of “Shark”? A long, strong marine animal. Get ready to expand your imagination.

Recently, scientists have discovered a five inch long shark. They collected numerous species of fish for analysis from the Gulf of Mexico. All the fishes were safely preserved in a freezer before the study. The small shark was one of them. It is undoubtedly one of the rare discoveries till date.

Mark Grace, a researcher at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center, discussed the pocket shark in detail. He informs that the newly discovered shark is five and a half inches long.  It had an unhealed wound on its body as well.

Researchers named them as pocket sharks because of their appearance.  There are two small kangaroo-like pockets near the fins of these sharks. However, scientists are still unaware of the exact purpose of these pockets.

The top of the pocket is pretty similar to Sperm Whale; however it does not belong to that class.

This is the second time when anyone has come across this specie. Last time, the specimen was uncovered from the coast of Peru in 1979. It was relatively larger as compared to the recently discovered pocket fish.

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