CDC Offered Bird Flu Vaccine to Poultry Workers

bird flu outbreak in US

As per the recent report of U.S Public Health Authority, more than 300 people are suffering from bird flu in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu, is a highly contagious virus of birds. Only a few strains of bird flu such as H5N1 and H7N9 can infect humans. Some of the prominent symptoms of bird flu are high fever, dry cough, chills, aching muscles, upset stomach, headache and tiredness. Any kind of exposure to the infected birds is the primary cause of the disease.

Up till now, the virus of H5N2 influenza has infected thousands of turkeys and chickens in the United States.  Minnesota Health Officials inform that bird flu is reported from three to four poultry farms every day. In comparison, the virus is identified in an egg factory located in Lowa. More than 3.8 million hens have suffered from it.

Dr. Alicia Fry, a medical officer at Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, discussed the current situation. She reports that health officials are 99 percent sure that the virus will not affect humans. Nevertheless, they have already developed a new vaccine to fight against H5N2.

Recently, the US health authority has offered a new antiviral medication to farmers as preventive measures. Presently, numerous farmers are at high risk of the deadly diseases.

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