“Dancing With the Stars”: Mark and Ballas Eliminated on 7th Week

Mark and Ballas out in DWST

Only few more weeks are left for the Season 20 “Dancing with the star show”.

The unexpected elimination of “Hunger Games” actress shocked audience and jury. The actress, Willow Shields, was completely stunned when the result revealed. Fans of fourteen years old girl showed their outrage on different social networking sites.

On Week 7, Wilmai low Shield along with Mark Ballas (his partner) scored 39.  Hence, majority of the people were expecting Noah Galloway as she got the lowest marks. It seems like fans of Galloway tried really hard to save their favorite celebrities.

John Kubicek of Buddy TV reported that there was not much voter support for Willow and Mark. It is certainly astonishing as the huge number of voters they have on Twitter and Facebook. It seems like fans did not realize the significance of voting.

In comparison, Robert Herjavek was on the last position of the leaderboard. He scored around 31. Hence, mostly people are expecting him to leave the show in the next elimination round. Even though, they do not dance that well but they have a huge fan following.

Get ready for the one hour long 10th Anniversary Special show. The results will be announced next week.

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