Experts Claim:Extreme Weather Condition Associated to Climate Change

climate change and hot weather

Global warming responsible for 75 percent of extremely hot days and 18 percent of precipitations, climatologists claim.

According to the report of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hot days are occurring more frequently since past two decades. Before the Industrial Revolution, hot days used to occur after every 30 years.

In the study, researchers warn that the scorching days is expected to become annual events. Thus, if people do not want to face such heat then they should reduce carbon emission at once.

The primary aim of the research was to figure out major factor of extreme weather conditions. However, the main focus of the study was heat and precipitation.

Erich M. Fischer, main author of the paper, discussed the matter in detail. He states that some people argue that such type of weather was observed even before man-made climate changes. It is true; however they are happening more often day by day.

Previously, numerous studies shed light on the part human play in climate change.  Nevertheless, this is the first time when a research predicted how global warming contributes in such changes.

Researchers found that even a minute ascend or descend in temperature may lead to disastrous consequences.

The study is printed in Journal Nature Climate Change

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