“Free-Range Parenting” : Child Welfare Discusses the Controversial Issue

free-range parenting

Nowadays, mostly parents do not feel safe while letting their child explore the world. They feel that even allowing kids to walk back home is unsafe.

Recently, the topic “free-range parenting” again hit the headlines. The term refers to activities specially designed for children to explore the world. The supporters of “free-range parenting” believe that parents should not leave children all alone.

The term was coined nearly seven years ago because of Lenore Skenazy incident.

Lenore Skenazay, a journalist, permitted her seven years old to come back home on his own.  She faced severe criticism from public for such action. People even called her “World’s Worst Mother”

However, a particular group supported her. They argued that little bit of freedom develop sense of independence in children. These days parents are only concerned about how empathetic and kind they are towards their children. They are too afraid of mishaps and unfavorable incidents. Hence, they blindly follow a single parenting method to raise their children.

Skenazay says that the entire parenting culture is badly trapped by fear.

On the other hand, some of the child welfare association states that childhood is a carefree time period of life. Thus, parents should not worry about how they will get back to home.

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