Remarkable 3D Video of Embryo Turning Itself Inside Out

Embryo turning inside out video

An international team of researchers have captured first- 3D video of an embryo turning itself inside out.

Researchers from University of Cambridge used fluorescence microscopy to study the embryos. They applied a mathematical model of morphogenesis for this purpose. The primary aim was to understand how embryo gets the unusual mushroom like shape.

The shape mechanism of embryo, commonly known as Volvox, is pretty similar to gastrulation of animals. Gastrulation is considered as the fundamental process of embryonic development. It occurs in all multi-cellular organisms such as sponges and frogs. In this process, the embryo folds inwards to form the initial germ layer.

Lewis Wolpert, lead biologist of the study, shared his experience in detail. He expressed that it was definitely an astonishing moment for the entire team. Scientists are quite optimistic that the video will open a new window in the arena of genetics.

Shortly after the release of embryo video, another group of scientists formed a first mathematical model of Volvox inversion. The method describes the entire process in detail.

Earlier, all the studies only proposed that the cell shape change complete in several stages. However, this is the first time when any study revealed quantitative measurement regarding shape of the cell.

The study is printed in 27th April edition of Journal Review Letters.

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