Scientists Uncover Fossil of Most Weird Dinosaur from Chile

T.rex's vegetarian cousin

A team of paleontologists have uncovered fossils of unusual specie of dinosaur from Southern Chile.

The dinosaur, dubbed as Chilesaurus diegosuarezia, belongs to the era of Jurassic period. It ruled the world nearly 145 million years ago when majority of the creatures were meat-eaters.  Thus far, researchers came across numerous plant-eating theropods. However, this is the first time when such specie is discovered from South America.

The study printed in Journal Nature reported that its features are similar to T-Rex and ostrich.  Its skull is relatively smaller as compared to its body. It had hands that resemble to T-Rex a lot, whereas an arm of the animal is like a velociraptor. It had neck, teeth and foot prints were similar to primitive-long necked dinosaurs.

Martin Ezcurra, a researcher from the University of Brimingham, described the creature. He informs that the noteworthy thing of the dinosaur is that it is quite unrelated to ordinary dinosaurs. It is as if someone has mixed all the traits of dinosaur to form a single species.

It seems like these days experts are closely re-examining fossils of dinosaurs. A few months ago, a research group declared that the Brontosaurus has enough dissimilar features to be replaced in books.

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