Study Reveals: 75% of Extremly Hot Days Are Due To Global Warming

extreme hot weather

As per the recent study, majority of the hot days are a result of man-made climate change.

Recently, climatologists from ETH Zurich University closely looked at current climate to determine the cause of daily heat and precipitation.

Surprisingly, they have found that 75 percent of the moderate heat extreme are due to global warming. The ratio is expected to ascend up to 95 percent in the future.  In addition, human caused climate change is also responsible for 18 percent of the heavy rain incidents.  The researchers warn that further 2 degree of temperature can lead to major destructions.

Furthermore, researchers compared the study with smoking and health. They state that smoking radically increases the risk of lung cancer. Similarly, global warming is raising chances of extreme weather.

Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist from University of Arizona, calls it a “remarkable” study. She states that the research sheds light on the actual consequences of human made climate change. It gives the easiest solution to get rid of extreme hot weather, cut down greenhouse gases.

This is the first time when any study discussed the affect of global warming on rain. The outcome of the research is surely quite surprising for everyone.

The study appears in recent edition of Journal Nature Climate Change

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