Breastfeeding Significantly Lowers Chances of Breast Cancer Recurrence

breastfeeding linked to breast cancer

A latest research suggests that breastfeeding cut the risk of breast cancer up to 25 percent. It form a protective layer that fight against cancer hormone known as oestrogen.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer. As per the recent report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50,000 women suffer from breast cancer every year.

Some of the prominent symptoms of breast cancer are irritation of breast skin, change in the size and shape of the breast, lump in the armpit or breast and severe pain in breast. The factor that increases the risk of the fatal disease is alcohol, night-shift work, radiation therapy, non-cancerous breast diseases and long-term use of hormone replacement therapy.

US Researchers carefully examined more than 1,600 breast cancer patients. The participants were requested to fill the questionoarrie regarding breastfeeding. Experts also utilized medical record of these women from electronic health record.

The end result of the study reveals that breastfeeding reduces the risk of the common type of breast cancer. Women who had breastfed their children for more than six months had an increased protection. As a result, researchers concluded that longer breastfeeding forms stronger protective layer.

Dr. Bette Cann, lead author of the study, described the research in detail. She informs that breastfeeding directly affects the maturation ductal of breast. It improves them and makes them less at risk of carcinogens. It descends the speed of tumors to a great extent.

In addition, experts found that breastfeeding decreases the chances of recurrence of the diseases up to 30 percent.

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