Robotic Telescope Identifies Three Super-Earth Orbiting Nearby Star

three new super Earth

A team of astronomers have discovered three planets moving around a nearby star.

All three planets, dubbed as tremendous Earth, are located at 58 light years away from Earth. They contain seven times more mass than Earth. They usually complete a single orbit in approximately 15 to 24 days.

Scientists from the University of Hawaii worked together with experts of University of California for this purpose.  They discovered the planets through two different telescopes: The Automated Planet Finder and The Automatic Photometric Telescope. With the help of Doppler’s method, researchers confirmed the presence of new objects. In Doppler method, researchers calculate wobbles that emerge from the gravitational pull. However, all the other objects that can affect the brightness of a star were excluded from the study.

Lauren Weiss, a researcher from University of California, talked about the issue in detail. She reported that scientists have been trying to confirm whether this planetary system is real or not.

The Automated Planet Finder is a new facility that searches planet automatically without any human observe.

BJ Fulton, a graduate student of University of Hawaii, informs that it is pretty difficult task to be up all night and search stars. Hence, researchers wrote software to carry out the complex task.

The study is expected to appear in the upcoming edition of Astrophysical Journal.

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