U.S Experts Warn: Pathogenic Bird Flu May Hit Back in the Fall

bird flu outbreak in US

High officials of U.S agriculture department warn that bird flu may return to U.S next year. The usual migration of wild bird population will probably spread viruses in rest of the regions.

Since last year, two extremely deadly strain of avian influenza have been identified in the United States.  The virus has infected more than 15 million commercial birds all around the country.  Up to this point, it has been reported from Minnesota, Lowa, Kansas, Idaho, Arkansas, North Dakota, Ontario and Minnesota.

Randy Johnson, executive director of the Lowa Poultry Association, discussed the matter in detail.  He informs that it is surely a distressing condition for poultry farm owners. This is the first time when such kind of uncontrollable situation has surfaced in the United States.

The outbreak compels concerned authorities to completely ban imports of poultry products. Presently, the chief concern of the authority is to determine whether the virus will hit the entire bird’s population or not.

The investigation team of Animal and Plant Health Inspection states that three lethal virus strains surfaced from the breeding grounds of Northern US. In addition, they informed that it is a pretty complex to control the outbreak as birds can carry it without showing any symptoms.

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