Breast Feeding Helps In Reducing Breast Cancer


To reduce the risk of breast cancer breast feeding has been recommended to a lot of medical institutions. This opinion is the best draw both friends and families.


According to the researchers, the woman who breast fed their babies have less chances of breast cancer. A research was published that said that 1636 women with breast cancer completed a questionnaire.


They found out that the breast feeding becomes a strong protective effective due to particulars types of tumors relating to it.

According to a lead researcher in US health care, Mainly Kwan examined the first study, and she found out those women who get breast cancer is a luminal a subtype which is less aggressive.


Tumors are these don’t spread or are infected to other bodies but they do are treated with different drugs.

According to the past history, the chances of reducing breast cancer through breast feeding have reached up to 30 percent and the risk of dying to 28 percent. The more time a mother breast feds the more lower her breast cancer goes.

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