Diretcor Josh Trank Steps Down from “Star Wars” Standalone

Josh Trank Quits Star Wars

On Friday, the studio officially announced that Josh Trank quits direction of second standalone Star Wars Film.

Trank, 30 years old director of “Chronicle”, announced his departure on the Star War’s website as well. He states that he was stepping down from the project due to some personal reasons.

Kiri Hart, Vice President of Lucasfilm, said that it was an honor to work with Josh. The entire team appreciates the love, innovative ideas and energy he gave to Star Wars. They wish him all the best for his future.

Trank was invited to discuss the Star Wars spinoff films at the Star Wars Celebration. However, the director did not show up in the entire event. Edwards, the director of Rogue One, replaced Trank on the event.

According to the recent leaks, high officials of Disney ordered Trank not to come at the Star Wars event.

People familiar with the incident informs that Trank was not willing to work with Simon Kinberg again. Simon Kinberg, an American screenwriter, is widely known for his work in X-Men.

In 2014, Simon Kinberg and Trank worked together in 20th Century Fox’s “fantastic Four”.  They clashed while discussing the movie, thus kinberg wanted to hire another director.  Up till now, no new director has replaced Trank.

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