Distinctive Song Allowed Reserachers to Discover a New Bird Specie

The Sichuan Bush Warbler

An elusive bird, dubbed as The Sichuan Bush Warbler, has been finally confirmed as new specie.

To honor the late Chneg Tso-hsin, the bird is scientifically named as Locustella chengi. Chneg Tso-hsin is regarded as one of the greatest ornithologists. He was the founder of the Peking Natural History Museum. He wrote more than 140 scientific papers and books.

Per Alstrom and Fumin Lei, researchers of the Chinese Academy of Science, discussed why they selected this name. They informed that researchers wanted to pay tribute to Professor Cheng Tso-hsin for his remarkable contribution in the field of ornithology.

As per the paper printed in the Journal Avian Research, the bird is commonly found in five mountainous provinces of China

Russet bush warbler is considered as the closest relative of the newly categorized bird. Both of them belong to same ancestor that ruled the sky nearly 850,000 years ago. However, the Sichuan bush warbler prefers to live at grassy and lower elevation regions.

Pamela Ramussen, an assistant curator at the MSU Museum, explained the discovery. She informs that the bird repeatedly sings a low pitched song followed by a shorter click. The song played a vital role in the discovery

The recording of Sichuan Bush Warbler’s song is available on the website of MSU Avian Vocalization Center.

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