First HIV Self-Test Kit Available in Uk

HIV Testing-Kit

For the first time, a legally approved HIV self-test kit is available in UK. The kit enables people to get blood test result in 15 minutes.

HIV is a virus that directly attacks human immune system. It can be transmitted through sharing infected needles. Some of the common symptoms of HIV are rapid weight loss, extreme tiredness, recurring high fever and profuse night sweats.

AIDS is considered as the last and most critical stage of HIV. Thus far, health researchers have failed to develop any proper treatment for the deadly disease. However, there are a few treatments that increase the life span of HIV patients.

As per the latest report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 914,826 people suffer from the diseases every year.

The newly launched kit works way faster and accurate than conventional HIV lab-test.  It uses a small amount of blood from a finger pick to detect antibodies at initial stage. In comparison, the conventional lab-test identifies them after the infection is fully developed. However, the health experts ask people to re-confirm the positive result from lab-test as well.

Paul Flemings from “Positive East, HIV Charity” remarks that early diagnosis can save thousands lives. It can avert the risk of complications linked to life expectancy.

Bio Sure UK has developed the “HIV self-test Kit”.

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