Lowa Governor Proclaims State of Emergency Due to Bird Flu Outbreak

bird flu In Lowa

Terry Branstad, Governor of Lowa, declared emergency in State due to pathogenic bird flu outbreak.

Lowa is considered as the biggest egg-producing state of the country. Sadly, the recent bird flu outbreak has killed thousands of poultry animals. As per the latest report from Lowa Poultry Association, the avian influenza has infected more than 16 million chickens and turkeys.

Lowa is the third state to pronounce emergency as the death toll rises. Last month, Minnesota and Wisconsin took similar move to fight against bird flu.

Because of increasing death toll, I decided to declare state of emergency in the entire state, says Lowa Governor.

The proclamation of emergency will set off the emergency response plan of Lowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The official emergency will permit concerned authorities to use all kind of resources in order to battle against bird flu. It will also impose special routes for the transportation of turkeys and chickens.

Bill Northey, Low Agriculture Secretary, discussed the matter in detail. He states that the disaster declaration will speed up the preventive measures. Presently, the government authority is working with U.S.D.A to improve biosecurity guidelines. It will be obligatory for poultry farm owners to follow them.

Thus far, most of the strains of H5N2 infections have been reported from Northwest Lowa.

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